"TheMinistree.com" has been chosen as the domain name for these pages because the symbol of the tree expresses how the Internet can be used to support ministry.  Just as a tree reaches up from common ground toward the heavens, these pages seek to build upon our common interests to reach out and identify ministry resources online.  A tree depends upon its branches for the exchange of nourishment and these pages seek to find similar connections between those who serve the church and those the church seeks to serve.  The fruit of a tree is found at the end of its branches and the connections provided on these pages are selected to identify resources that can lead to the discovery of other valuable information.  As friends are invited to decorate a Christmas tree, you are invited to use TheMinistree.com to display the information and resources you have created or found online.

          Since we often face the same opportunities and challenges in our ministry, good stewardship depends upon our ability to communicate and share resources that respond to our common needs.  There are exciting and innovative ministries provided throughout the church and we could all find benefit in building connections to broadly share the lessons learned in our local ministry.  There is a wealth of talent and creativity that can enrich our ability to serve God and the Internet should be used more effectively as a resource for ministry.  Unfortunately, the Internet can be overwhelming to many in their search for information online and that is where we can help each other.   If we establish web pages for our successful local ministries and share other helpful resources we have found online, we can build an effective network that can help others avoid reinventing the wheel in their local ministry. 

          As an example for others, these pages have been published using an online Internet provider that is available to anyone.  They include a directory of online resources identified by the editor, as well as information that has been recommended by others.  There is information about message boards, discussion lists and other online services that all provide different ways for anyone to use the Internet to share information.  These pages identify resources that may be helpful to families, they provide a directory of information related to the Episcopal Church and they include a vision for the continued development of communication ministry.  In order to provide balance and foster better understanding, there is an effort to include resources from all points of view and all suggestions are welcome.  As more and more use the Internet everyday, the need to sort through information becomes greater, while the opportunities to build connections that can enhance our ministry grow.

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