Communication Ministry Resources

The following references are provided to assist in the development of Communication Ministry. These materials and resources are passed on without recommendation.  If you know of other options that should be included, please send a brief description along with the e-mail or web address to Ralph Spence.

Publications and Education Materials:

- Guidance about the basic issues raised by the Internet, is provided in an online pamphlet published by the Society of Archbishop Justus, proprietors of the Anglicans Online web site. (

- Learn how times have changed from telephone chains and posters for promoting religious events in "How Shall They Hear?" a Handbook for Religion Communicators" from The Religion Communicators Council.

- "Proclaiming the Gospel in Public Media" provides information about ministries using Newspaper & Other Print - Cable TV & Satellite - Radio & Audiotape - Video & Television Spots - Web Site & Online Meetings to extend the pulpit and reach out to the wider community.

- "Pulpit & Press: A Guide for Churches in their Media Relations" a 44 page handbook printed in 1995. (Published by the Diocese of Easton 410-822-1919)

- "Embracing the New Millennium - The Challenge of New Communication Technology for Today's Church" - this study concerning the use of modern communication for the church is available on-line.

Conference Calls and Video Conferencing:

- AT&T will set up conference calls for a future time or upon request by calling 1-800-232-1234.

Communications Software & Hardware:

- Minister Scheduler Pro is an easy to use Ministry Scheduling tool. MSP strengthens ministries, improves communication, grows participation and integrates with existing church management software!

- ChurchScheduler is an easy to use Ministry Scheduling software program. This ministry scheduler program is family oriented, flexible, and very inexpensive!  (

- For some files that cannot be read, WinZip can help users of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98/NT in viewing, running, extracting, adding, deleting, and testing files. (

- Software for Church information management for Windows - includes tools to track attendance/visitations, customize reports and print directories/mailing lables. (

- Nützi Software has developed several Lay Ministry scheduling products which help automate and coordinate the scheduling of Lay Ministers at your church. (

E-mail and On-Line Meetings:

- A free service is available which provides a personal fax number where fax messages are delivered directly to an e-mail address. (

- Free e-mail service is available through Juno (800-654-5866) and subscribers can also choose enhanced Internet e-mail or full Internet access for a monthly fee. (

- ISPcheck provides a searchable list of Internet Service Providers, hosting services and other information. (

- Ecunet provides access to many on-line discussion groups for various ministry topics and gives subscribers the option of establishing their own open or "invitation only" meetings. (

Options for Establishing Websites:

- ECUSA Images - A growing collection of Episcopal Church, USA, graphic images for use by web site developers and print media. (

- The Society of Archbishop Justus offers information and advice regarding establishing and maintaining websites and may be able to assist with server access. (

- America On-Line offers subscribers the ability to design and maintain their own simple web pages under the Keyword "Personal Publisher." (

- Homestead offers free web space that includes the ability to design and maintain web pages with a link on each page to Homestead. (

- Network Solutions' InterNIC services provide registration as well as checking ownership and availability of Web Addresses. (

- features the world's biggest directory of web hosting services. Over 5,894 hosting plans listed in 9 web hosting categories. (

Courses, Training Events, Workshops & Conventions:

- is a free service that enables instructors to host courses on the Web in a broad range of subject areas that anyone can take. (

- The Episcopal Communicators is an organization of persons with communication responsibilities working to build connections to serve as resources to one another.  See the web page for annual conference and membership information. (

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