Communication Committee Survey  -   (11/4/99 - 130 Responses Received)
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"Reaching Beyond Ourselves and Spreading the Gospel"

#1) Identify and share ways to proclaim the Gospel in public media and through the use of emerging technologies.
58%-38%-  3%-  1% < Maintain "Public Media" pages to share information and to identify resources needed

#2) Develop a Churchwide public media program to communicate God's love in a compelling way, with the specific intent of reaching the unchurched through radio, television and the Internet.
47%-46%-  4% - 4% < Draft a GC resolution providing funds for development of Public Media resources
19%-38%-32%-12% < Provide on-line forums and teleconference discussions with the Presiding Bishop (PB)
28%-37%-22%-13% < Consider weekly meditation by PB for public broadcast through radio or television
52%-33%-13%-  2% < Develop TV ads for local use that spread the Gospel and define the Church's identity
66%-27%-  7%-  0% < Include Church Internet "home" page address in letterhead, publications and ads

"Distributing News and Reports to Our Members"

#3) Review the mission statements for Episcopal Life, the News and Information Office and other news sources to evaluate their response to the needs of our membership.
34%-38%-19%-  9% < Prepare survey for General Convention or local use to identify what information members want
35%-53%-  9%-  2% < Identify Church Center ministries & use of Church resources in Episcopal Life and ENS articles
50%-38%-11%-  2% < Continue overlap in content and cross-referencing between Internet and print publications

#4) Establish on-line meetings & web pages for each Ministry Desk to assist the exchange of information and utilize available technology to disseminate news and reports.
25%-41%-24%-10% < Explore ways to alternate monthly reports, on-line and in print, from ministry desks
71%-23%-  6%-  0% < Maintain on-line Church Center Directory and continue development of ministry web pages

#5) Be prepared to communicate with the whole Church, regardless of language, disabilities, levels of education and problems with access to information.
44%-46%-  9%-  1% < Encourage development of web pages that identify resources in languages other than English
25%-44%-27%-  4% < Continue updating and publishing ministry budget brochure for use at Diocesan Conventions

"Providing Communications Training and Education Materials"

#6) Provide education materials that help dioceses respond to communication needs and assist in the purchase of communication related equipment.
22%-38%-28%-13% < Draft a GC resolution to fund more consultations for dioceses, provinces and other groups
47%-39%-13%-  2% < Maintain "Resource" pages for broad access and to identify resources available
38%-49%-11%-  2% < Assist Episcopal Communicators in originating new communication development materials

#7) With seminaries and others, identify more uses for downlink education/worship/training seminars and develop media education and training programs for clergy and laity throughout the Church.
44%-47%-  6%-  2% < Continue discussion with membership to identify programs and materials needed
26%-45%-19%-10% < Draft a GC resolution seeking resources to provide these programs and materials

"Building Connections for Networking Ideas and Sharing Resources"

#8) Develop additional ways to connect parishes with diocesan and national leaders and resources.
42%-42%-13%-  3% < Develop web pages listing "frequently asked questions" maintained by Information Desk
52%-37%-  7%-  3% < Provide Church Center maintained e-mail lists for various leadership groups
47%-34%-15%-  5% < Explore ways to include a "word search" capability on the Church's web pages

#9) Develop an information bank, to be maintained through the Church Center, of individual contacts and on-line meetings for use by provinces, dioceses and congregations.
63%-35%-  2%-  0% < Continue updating "Addresses" web pages and review to see where connections are needed
55%-31%-10%-  4% < Encourage all provinces to publish web pages listing contact information and links to dioceses
63%-33%-  2%-  2% < Encourage dioceses to publish web pages listing local congregations and addresses
44%-38%-14%-  4% < Develop additional ways to contact members directly or through provinces and dioceses

#10) Regularly update the Directory of Exciting Ministries and promote its use for networking and to inspire new ministry.
41%-52%-  7%-  0% < Encourage ministry desks to help identify contact people for outstanding local ministries
34%-55%-10%-  2% < Continue publishing information in print & on-line and explore ways to allow local maintenance

"Developing New ways to Hold Meetings and Oversee Ministry"

#11) Encourage use of conference calls, on-line meetings and video conferencing for conducting business.
30%-43%-23%-  2% < Seek additional ways to reach the membership through print media
34%-44%-20%-  2% < Develop basic guidelines for participation to help make on-line meetings more effective
32%-42%-18%-  8% < Encourage all committees to broaden participation by giving access to discussions on-line

#12) Discuss communication within Executive Council (EC) and at the Church Center to explore ways to improve access and accountability.
33%-38%-27%-  2% < Establish an on-line committee to review Internet resources and coordinate connections
41%-38%-19%-  2% < Encourage EC members to strengthen connections between provinces and the Church Center
30%-43%-20%-  8% < Use EC members to facilitate local discussion of ministry materials and policy issues

#13) Encourage exploration of the various means of on-line communication and continue ongoing discussion on computer system compatibility issues.
71%-27%-  1%-  1% < Continue upgrading communication systems and software as new tools become available
33%-25%-28%-14% < Hold a national conference to identify new ways technology can support &enhance ministry

"Coordinating Access to Resources and Information"

#14) Pursue opportunities to develop web-site links and other connections to information systems of Church affiliated groups.
37%-48%-13%-  2% < Continue dialogue with affiliates looking for ways to support each other's ministry
33%-52%-12%-  2% < Provide instructions for affiliates who wish to present ministry project ideas for consideration

#15) Update the Parochial Reporting process and develop ways to make this information accessible to the broader Church.
66%-22%-  9%-  2% < Explore ways to collect and handle this information on-line

#16) Work toward coordinating the efforts of affiliated groups maintaining mailing lists which include various segments of Church membership.
26%-35%-27%-12% < Continue discussing how this list could be used and possibilities for self-maintenance