Diocesan Communicator
        Responsibilities and Challenges

Office Manager
- Maintaining the records of the Communications Office
- Developing and administering the communications budget

Press Officer for the Bishop
- Advising the bishop on communications issues, policy and programs
- Arranging media interviews and press conferences with the bishop
- Preparing and updating biographical profile and background information of the bishop
- Responding to requests for photos, copies of bishop's addresses and writings
- Preparing press releases on the bishop

Public Relations
- Providing information to the media on the diocese, congregations, Episcopal Church
- Developing media relations and arranging media interviews with diocesan sources
- Arranging media coverage of major events (election, consecration, etc.)
- Preparing press releases on ministries and noteworthy events affecting the diocese
- Designing and coordinating the production of public relations materials
- Participating in press associations (Episcopal Communicators and others)
- Serving on the boards of other publications

Staff/Agency Assistance
- Providing photographic services and assistance for diocese
- Providing desktop publishing assistance to staff, agencies and congregations
- Providing information on National Church ministries to local congregations
- Assisting diocesan staff with use of software
- Coordinating audio/visual presentations at Diocesan Convention

Electronic Communications
- Coordinating and overseeing the diocesan website design
- Producing and editing content for diocesan website
- Communicating with the site's designer/web minister and supervising Internet service
- Assisting congregations in setting up websites
- Collecting leadership e-mail addresses and setting up on-line meetings to support ministry

Producing Diocesan Videos
- Developing a budget and production plan
- Creating the script or contracting creative services and overseeing its creation
- Supervising video production/editing and coordinating the video distribution

Diocesan Newspaper
- Responsible for the news reporting/writing, photography, layout, and administration
- Assigning and editing freelance stories
- Overseeing maintenance of the circulation and subscription lists
- Managing advertising
- Coordinating the printing and mailing

Communication Coordinator
- Developing and supporting membership access to diocesan leadership
- Identifying sources for information and providing members with references
- Assisting congregations in sharing ministry ideas and successful ministries
- Supporting connections between the diocese, province and The Church Center

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